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Founded in 1850

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Trusted by gardeners since 1850, we offer non-GMO, top-quality, fresh seeds across the country.

Focused on Success

We are focused on your success and continue introducing dozens of new and exciting seed varieties every season! Get more seed for less in our beautifully packaged collections. Come grow with us!

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See What Our Customers Have To Say!

I have many choices where to buy seeds, with an equally vast selection of companies from which to choose. I go out of my way to shop at a specific store, because that is where I find Livingston seeds. I keep detailed records of my vegetable gardening, and I find that there is no other seed company that consistently delivers such reliable germination and yield results as I have found in your hybrids and heirlooms

Steven from Fulton, IL

Thank you for no GMOs! The kids and I picked up a variety of your vegetable seeds today, I am glad to know that, with any luck, we will be eating much healthier soon!

Raychl from Olathe, KS

In today’s market it is rare to get value for what you pay. I purchased a packet of asparagus seeds from my local hardware today and opened them to plant. I had to email you and say thank you. The package advertised 70 seeds, but it contained 85. Thank you for making sure the customer got “at least” what was advertised for plus more. What a pleasant surprise, since often the opposite is the case.

Lori from Hermiston, OR